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Market Smart

It's an Investment, Not an Expense.

If you think of marketing only as an expense, you might be doing it wrong. Detroit Media Partnership has a Market Smart targeted program that is right for you. Marketing is an investment that should produce a measurable return in the form of qualified leads and bankable sales. Just as you would carefully review the return on investment for stocks and funds in your retirement portfolio, you should carefully evaluate the ROI for all of the investments in your marketing portfolio, including online and offline marketing activities.

  • Are you planning, developing, promoting or selling your products and services into a marketplace that is continually changing?
  • Are you making critical business decisions without fully understanding the factors influencing and impacting your industry?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the vast amount of information sources and tools presently available, to the extent that you are no longer confident about your research results?
  • Do you struggle to recognize what available information can be applied to develop a productive understanding of your customers and competitors?

We can help. Detroit Media Partnership provides marketplace intelligence from a current, fact-based perspective. You can rely on our extensive portfolio of targeted Market Smart products to communicate your message across all platforms.