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Direct marketing addresses some of the biggest challenges in marketing a business – lead generation, converting those leads into high-quality customers, and then systematically growing customer profitability. Whatever sales goals you have for your company, Detroit Media Partnership can help. With a wide range of direct marketing solutions, we target with optimum performance and strategy.

Marketing experts estimate that your prospects and customers are bombarded with more than 3,000 marketing messages (direct mail, e-mail marketing, radio/tv advertising, billboards) daily. Direct marketing helps you sort through the marketing noise, and delivers a high return on investment for your marketing spend.

Systematic direct marketing is a key set of processes – a marketing strategy based on direct marketing methods which will deliver an immediate and sustainable sales improvement.

By improvements, we mean:

  • Your lead generation costs will drop.
  • Converting leads into sales will not be due to profit-killing price discounts.
  • Your quality clients will form enduring relationships, providing you with profitable repeat sales.